Dear Customer! Dear Courier! Dear Cashier!

Thanks to online shopping, we minimize the risk of the spread of the coronavirus

Health is paramount, so we should all avoid crowded places in the near future. For this reason, the Minister of Digitization appeals [link], to do your shopping online, let's especially help the elderly, who are the most vulnerable

Just like medics, grocery workers and couriers are heroes too! Let's take care of their health!

Grocery stores and courier companies, especially in times as sensitive as the pandemic, are institutions of public trust. Maintaining sales and courier services allows you to deliver products necessary for people on a special diet or spare parts needed to maintain technical plants, providing, for example, electricity or means of protection for health care. Thanks to their work, we can also be sure that we will stock up on all the necessary products, minimizing the need to travel and stay in crowded public places

If you have symptoms of an infection or are in quarantine, get someone else's help to shop or pick up a package

Remember that you can give the pick-up code to someone else so they can pick up the package instead. Taking this opportunity, this person can then shop for your whole family. Let us ask young people who are in the group of people with a milder course of disease in case of infection for help


REMEMBER, that you can order both DHL and Poczta Polska [Polish Post] shipments at one collection point, if orders from different online stores are made, you can wait for the delivery of several orders. In such a situation, two or more packages can be picked up during one visit to the collection point

REMEMBER, that pickup at the collection point can help in the fight to minimize the risk of spreading the virus, and the courier will visit fewer recipients and deliver the parcels in less time. During the collection, the customer will make the necessary groceries in the store, which he or she planned to do anyway.

REMEMBER, that you can pay for cash-on-delivery parcels by card at most collection points. In this way, we avoid handing over cash to couriers and employees of grocery stores

REMEMBER, to keep an appropriate distance (1.5m) and avoid direct contact in the form of greeting by shaking hands, handing over cash, mobile computers or pens when collecting parcels or paying for purchases

Prevention policy in the courier and food industry

At present, according to WHO, there is no evidence that coronavirus infection is possible through contact with objects or packages (source: WHO, Robert Koch Institute). Nevertheless, let us be careful, wash our hands after receiving and opening the parcel, as well as after each visit to the grocery store or after the courier's visit for additional safety

Courier companies and grocery stores fully comply with the instructions and recommendations of the Ministry of Health and GIS (Chief Sanitary Inspectorate) for minimizing the risk of infection and the spread of the coronavirus. If there are new recommendations, they will be implemented as a matter of urgency

This means that employees in the e-commerce, courier and grocery industries, like everyone else in any other industry, should use protective and disinfectant agents

WE REMIND about the changed procedure of confirmation of receipt and delivery of shipments to the courier. The change applies to DHL and Poczta Polska couriers

  • Admission of parcels from the courier - it is enough to give the courier a receipt, which will be printed after the parcels are accepted in the cash register system
  • Delivery of parcels to the courier - ask the courier to provide the following data: name and number of the courier and then write them yourself on the receipt confirming the pick-up
  • Examples of receipts are in the appendix
  • At the same time, we would like to inform you about the precautionary measures taken by courier companies to ensure the protection of those involved in handling parcels. These include:

  • Equipping regional branch offices with disinfectants, thermometers, and hygienic materials
  • Temperature controls of employees commencing work are carried out
  • Procedures related to disinfection of infrastructure elements in operating and office units have been implemented
  • Workshops on the principles of hygiene and prevention were conducted following GIS recommendations
  • Let us remember that the shipment is like any other product in the store. Use gloves whenever you can, do not touch your face and wash our hands often. Keep a distance of 1.5 meters between each other. Use agents for disinfecting contact surfaces. The probability of the virus surviving on any surface after a few hours is very small, falling to zero in 1-3 days

    Frequent drinking of warm fluids and adequate rest will not hurt! And neither would a walk on a sunny day

    Let's take care of each other and we will show how a strong community and responsible cooperation efficiently fight the pandemic!

    Remember to ask about the health and well-being of the client, courier or cashier. Let's take care of each other and smile, the virus won't do it any good and it will certainly help us;)