• We are a technology partner building IT solutions and maintenance services for the commercial and courier industry in the area of the infrastructure of the first and last mile of city logistics.
  • We focus on building synergies and scale resulting from the integration of multiple partners by creating a business space for coopetition in traditional and online commerce, logistics and on-demand services.
  • We enable partners to create new and additional services, increase profit and attract new customers, strengthening the position of their brands on the market.
  • We create technological infrastructure as a sub-supplier and integrator for courier companies and manufacturers of automated parcel machines. We support the development of fast and local deliveries on demand.


Pointpack technology is a system of applications based on modern solutions and information technologies. We integrate cashier systems, cash registers, as well as payment terminals and automated parcel machines in retail chains and points of sale - close to individual customers. We implement courier as well as senders and recipients service processes.

Thanks to this, our partners increase the range of their courier services, and points of sales and customers gain easier and wider access to them.

Each point of sale can cooperate with many courier companies, marketplaces and e-shops integrated with them through one process and Pointpack technology, also possible to use for own internal needs (e.g. picking up e-purchases in a shop [click & collect]).

We stay cutting edge, optimize and automate processes along with the progress and technological development.


We are building a logistic technology platform, creating the seed for physical internet in the area of city logistics for the retail, courier industries and Qcommerce.

In our operation, we follow the idea of building smart cities and houses (smart city, smart home, smart factory), following the trend of internet of things, artificial intelligence, and blockchain protocols.