Synergy and scale effect

on the first and last mile for the courier industry

  • We provide a standardized network of PUDO points and parcel lockers
  • We reduce the costs of expansion, maintenance and development of the network of PUDO points and parcel lockers
  • We offer centralized and comprehensive support (helpdesk, customer service, administration, settlements, complaints)
  • We build logistic synergy and economies of scale by integrating many partners (retail chains and producers)

Cooperation model

First and last mile synergy and scale effect for the courier industry

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  • We lower the cost of the first and last mile
  • We enable better reaching the submarket of individual clients
  • We provide a network effect with no expansion or maintenance costs
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  • We enable cooperation with many PUDO points and parcel lockers using one integration
  • We centralize settlements, helpdesk, complaints and insurance

Network of PUDO Points and parcel lockers

  • We settle networks for the services provided
  • We provide the support of our consultants
  • We take responsibility for shipments


We combine the interests of courier companies, retail chains and producers of parcel lockers

We integrate courier and customer service processes in location systems as well as parcel lockers, optimizing the work of all users

We develop services along with technological and service progress in courier and cash registers, POS systems as well as parcel lockers

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Value of synergy
and scale effect

Reduced last mile costs

0 mln

*annual savings in logistics

* costs for 4,000 PUDO Points and 10 shipments per stop daily


Courier companies

Logistics optimization is always a strong domain of courier companies. Reducing costs and building new services is based on the cooperation of many partners, suppliers and technology integrators

The development of the Internet of Things, Physical Internet, artificial intelligence and automation trends creates new opportunities in the area of first and last mile infrastructure

The combination of these many elements allows to strengthen the competitive advantage by providing customers with higher quality and new services


We create a network of infrastructure of PUDO Points and parcel lockers for sending and collecting parcels connecting many business partners, helping courier companies build the effects of scale and synergy

Through standardized access to the network of locations and parcel lockers, we make it easier for courier services to reach potential customers

We integrate parcel lockers processes in sales systems in POS. We offer integration services for parcel lockers manufacturers and networks of PUDO Points