Manufacturers of parcel lockers

  • Integration of parcel lockers with the systems of courier and commercial companies
  • We facilitate customer acquisition and integration of business partners on local markets

Cooperation model

Local, national and international shipment sending and collection services at points of sale

Manufacturers of parcel lockers »

  • It lowers the costs of development and integration of devices with business partners
  • Extends the range of applications of devices
  • Increases the partner and customer base

partner »

  • Collaboration with multiple partners using one integration
  • We deliver scale and synergy effects
  • We maintain and develop services

Residential communities, Courier companies, Retail chains

  • They gain greater functionality of devices thanks to integration with multiple partners
  • They use centralized helpdesk support for users

Potential customers

The manufacturer of parcel lockers, thanks to integration with Pointpack, can offer device sharing by many partners, increasing their use and the group of potential users

Retail chains and online stores

Having their own points of sale that act as courier points or click & collect points for their own online store

Courier companies

Utilizing parcel lockers, reducing the cost of the first and last mile

Residential communities (Property Developers)

Install parcel lockers next to post boxes for the convenience of residents as part of modern buildings

City couriers

Delivering fast parcels in cities using parcel lockers and PUDO Points as the place of pick up and drop off the shipment

Comprehensive maintenance services

  • We support sales and customer acquisition processes in local markets
  • We integrate the IT systems of clients and partners
  • We support device installation and network expansion processes
  • We provide full operational support and helpdesk for users and partners


The devices can be integrated in the Pointpack's internal network or a separate network supported by Pointpack as dedicated implementations with local partners
A parcel locker in the Pointpack network can operate:

  • In open mode - for all potential partners and users
  • In a closed mode - for a defined group of partners and users (for the own needs of a courier company or a commercial network, e.g. click & collect points)
  • In mixed mode - partly for own needs and partly for potential partners and users

Cleveron's automated parcel machines

Modern store becomes a place for many day-to-day services and local conveninent delivery is a success key for future sales process
Cleveron is a leading innovation company in automated parcel lockers

  • Cost reduction of the first and last mile for the courier industry
  • Better processes of delivery and returns of the parcel in PUDO points
  • Convenient multichannel customer experience in retail chains stores and shopping malls