A new source of shipment orders

for local city on-demand couriers

  • Online stores and local entrepreneurs can send a parcel with delivery in the area from / to 8,000 PUDO points (7 / 6-23)
  • We make it easier to reach distributed senders by integrating checkout systems and devices at POS
  • We provide a network of parcel lockers from many manufacturers
  • We centralize settlements, insurance and operational support (helpdesk, CSO) as well as complaints

Cooperation model

Integration of local urban courier systems on demand with a network of PUDO points and parcel lockers

City couriers on-demand

  • Obtaining shipment transport orders from local retail outlets
  • Better reaching the segment of fragmented individual clients and micro-enterprises
  • Economies of scale and network without expansion and maintenance costs
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Technological partner »

  • We enable cooperation with many points and retail chains
  • We standardize the service standard and the integration process
  • We maintain and develop IT services

Retail chain stores

  • We settle points of sale for the services provided
  • We provide support for cashiers and customers
  • We take responsibility for the risk of damage to the parcels

The process of sending and delivering a parcel

  • The customer creates, pays and prints an on-line address label

  • The customer delivers the package to a PUDO point or a parcel locker

  • The point of sale accepts the package from the customer and gives it to the city courier or the courier picks it up from the sending and receiving device

  • The courier picks up the parcel from the point of sale and delivers it to the recipient at the private address or indicated pickup point or courier locker


City courier

The development of local deliveries in catering and trade creates a new segment in urban logistics services. City couriers are becoming an indispensable trade partner

New business models, distribution and sales channels are emerging. The client gains a new dimension of access to many services, without the need to spend time visiting the service provider, being handled by a local courier


We help to develop the on-demand service industries by integrating city courier companies with a network of infrastructure of PUDO points and parcel lockers as well as with courier companies and retail chains

We organize a new form of local deliveries for trade, enabling the customer to reach the shipment on the same day