Courier additional services in retail chain stores

  • We implement services of sending and collecting courier parcels convenient to the customer in retail chains
  • We support the development and organization of local e-commerce deliveries
  • We support the commercial network in building cooperation with courier companies
  • We integrate networks of parcel lockers

Cooperation model

Local, national and international shipment and collection services at points of sale

Retail chain »

  • Commission for sending and receiving parcels
  • Increased frequency of customer visits
  • Additional sale - co-buying

Integrator and operator »

  • Collaboration with multiple partners using one integration
  • We deliver scale and synergy effects
  • We maintain and develop services

Courier companies »

  • We provide the support of our consultants
  • We take responsibility for shipments
  • We provide additional insurance coverage for shipments

The process of sending the parcel

The customer service time for sending or returning a parcel is 15-24 seconds

  • The customer creates, pays for and prints an on-line address label

  • The customer delivers the package to the pick-up point

  • The pick-up point accepts the package from the customer and gives it to the courier or the customer places it in a courier locker

  • The courier picks up the package from the pick-up point or the courier's locker in the store and delivers it to the recipient

The process of collecting the parcel

The service time for the customer collecting the parcel is 23-35 seconds

  • The e-customer indicates the parcel collection point as the delivery address in the e-shop

  • The courier collects the parcel from the e-shop and delivers the parcel to the pickup point in the store

  • The point accepts the parcel from the courier or the courier places it in a courier locker. The customer receives an SMS notification

  • The customer picks up the package from the pick-up point. Verification of recipient details or receipt code


The optimal business model for retail chains and an attractive solution for courier companies

White label of courier services in the store

Pointpack provides a dedicated internet portal for sending parcels under the brand of its own retail chain

  • The brand and domain of the service belong to the retail chain
  • Individual portfolio and service price list (city deliveries up to 3h to 5km, domestic and foreign shipments)
  • Free choice of courier partners
  • Independent promotion and marketing communication of services

Automated parcel machines

The store becomes a place of many matters and convenient delivery methods a key aspect of the sales process